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The Art of Selling Authentically

Are you an expert at handling behind-the-scenes operations but struggle with client acquisition? As a business owner, mastering the art of sales is essential for success. The Art of Selling Authentically, is designed to empower online service providers like you to confidently sell your services and thrive in the competitive online space.
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Are you struggling to sell your services?

Selling your services in the online marketplace can be a daunting task. Many online service providers find themselves struggling to convey the value they offer and convert prospects into clients. This challenge often results in missed opportunities, frustration, and inconsistent income.

Lack of Clarity

Without clarity, your sales efforts may feel scattered, leading to missed opportunities and slow business growth.

Lack of Confidence

Lacking confidence hinders your ability to effectively convey your value and convert prospects into paying clients.

Inconsistent Results

The unpredictability of securing clients can make it challenging to plan and establish business stability.


Selling is a skill that can be learned, systematized and mastered.

Once you embrace the process, you'll find joy in guiding your clients step by step through a proven roadmap, turning prospects into happy, paying clients.
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The Art of Selling Authentically

Master the art of confidently turning prospects into paying clients without compromising your values or integrity, empowering you to sell with authenticity and success.
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What's Included in the Art of Selling Authentically

Our mission is to empower you with the confidence and skills to have a thriving business you love.


Build confidence through practical experience.


Effortlessly turn prospects into paying clients. 

Repeatable System.

A repeatable system for predictably acquiring ideal clients on demand.

The Art of Selling Authentically

Interactive Workshops

Participate in engaging live learning workshops led by our expert instructors. 

Personalized Coaching

Experience coaching within a small, intimate group setting and engage in safe role-play experiences.

Resource Toolkit

Access valuable sales resources and templates to streamline your sales process.


To help you even further
on your journey

These valuable bonuses are designed to complement your learning experience, boost your confidence, and ensure you have the tools you need to excel in sales. 

Sales Toolkit

Packed with proven frameworks, step-by-step processes, and expert guides, it's your go-to resource for mastering sales conversations. 

Sales Call Audit

Submit a recorded sales conversation for a comprehensive review and audit, followed by a personalized 1:1 session to receive specific recommendations and take your sales calls to the next level.

Finding Clients Locally

Tired of waiting for the right opportunity to come to you? Discover how to proactively connect with potential clients in your local market. Learn effective strategies for reaching out, precisely what to say, and where to look. 

Finding Clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine of potential clients just waiting to be discovered, and we're here to show you the way. In this bonus, we'll dive deep into the tactics and techniques to uncover and connect with clients using LinkedIn. 


Discover Your Authentic Sales Process

Craft Your Personalized Sales Frameworks and System

Swap out generic sales scripts for personalized frameworks that help you connect authentically with prospects.

Transform Prospects into Paying Clients with Confidence

Gain confidence and skills for authentic sales conversations. Use a proven system to turn prospects into satisfied clients.

Achieve Sustainable Success and Endless Referrals

Master a method that delivers client satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals, ensuring long-term success and a thriving business you love.
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Art of Selling Authentically

Master the art of confidently turning prospects into paying clients without compromising your values or integrity, empowering you to sell with authenticity and success. 

  •   Six Interactive Workshop Sessions
  •   8 Weeks Personalized Group Coaching
  •   Customized Sales System
  •   Sales Toolkit with Scripts

All Access Pass

The Art of Selling Authentically is included in the OBM Insiders All Access pass, providing you with continuous education and ongoing mentorship. As a member you are invited to participate in virtual workshops and weekly coaching sessions.

  •   Access to Art of Selling Authentically PLUS
      all OBM Insiders live workshops
  •   12 Months of Weekly Coaching
  •   12 Months Access to Resources
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Your Master Guide

"I teach you how to sell so that you never have to "sell" again."
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Wade is an experienced entrepreneur and mentor who has a proven track record of effectively training, coaching, and guiding service providers and small business owners towards achieving success.

With a wealth of experience, including over 4000 "discovery based" sales conversations, Wade is well-versed in the power of effective sales techniques. He not only trains top-performing sales professionals but is also a top-producer himself. Wade is keenly aware of the importance and impact of mastering the art of sales conversations, particularly for service-based professionals.
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