Meet Our Featured Graduates

Jessica Molnar
Certified OBM®
  I am a Visual Artist and Certified OBM®. I am keenly aware of the unique challenges facing independent creatives. As a Certified Online Business Manager, I help Artist-Entrepreneurs to simplify and streamline their processes, automate and integrate their tech, and break down daunting goals into actionable steps.

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Ioana Luca
Certified OBM®
As an OBM and Strategic Advisor, I help coaches, healers, and spiritual teachers grow their businesses in a sustainable way by optimizing their operations and workflows, managing their projects and teams, and streamlining their processes and systems

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Jerika Duran
Certified OBM®
Helping established world class coaches take their business to the next level by removing 'all-the-things' from their plate so they can focus on only the important things they can do.

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Zuri Broom
Certified OBM®
 As and OBM and Business Strategist, I build systems and processes with intention, strategy, and high-level business management so you can remain in the forefront of your business as CEO. I specialize in Systems & Automations, Funnels, Email Marketing, Project Management, and Quarterly Strategy Planning.

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Clarissa Paige
Certified OBM®
I help clients achieve their desired results by creating efficiencies within their businesses. Whether it is improving communication processes, implementing better organizational systems, or streamlining administrative tasks – I can help make your life easier.
Charlotte Barnes
Certified OBM®
My joy and passion are working alongside powerful female entrepreneurs and give them the space to step OUT of worrying about the how's of keeping their epic business running and fully step IN to their creative genius and flow with ease.  

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Kyla Ostafichuk
Certified OBM®
 As a Visionary Strategist, I offer next-level business support and help ground dreams into reality with systems and automation that support flow and make the most sense. With a history in corporate change management and a keen awareness of the customer journey, I build next-level experiences for clients.

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Melanie Rocafort Kamiński
Certified OBM®
Melanie Rocafort Kaminski has worked as an operations manager for some companies in the past. Her years of experience in helping business owners made her enhanced her skills.

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Megan Robinson
Certified OBM®
Time is the most precious resource we have, which is why nothing makes me giddy like giving my clients back 5, 10, 15+ hours every week. What would you do with an extra 15 hours a week

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Sandy Jean
Certified OBM®
I specialize in managing the growing operations of busy Photographers and other Creative Entrepreneurs. I ensure everything is functioning smoothly and automatically on the back end. This allows the business owner to finally focus on doing the work they love and being the CEO of their creative empire. 

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Kieran Dotti
Certified OBM®
With a background in content creation and operations management, Kieran helps health & wellness business owners get back to focusing on caring for their clients by managing business operations and partnering to help them reach their program goals. 

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Aisha Solomon
Certified OBM®
Using my Project Manager expertise and OBM certification, I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs launch and scale with ease. 

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Brian Fish
Certified OBM®
Brian brings 20+ years of business ownership and leadership experience to his OBM practice, serving as both a consultant and a coach. Feeling stuck, unorganized, unclear? Brian has an ability to sift through it all and bring clarity to your business, providing a defined sense of purpose and priority. 

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Bokamoso Kumwenda
Certified OBM®
My name is Bk and I help passion-driven, visionary entrepreneurs with the leadership support they need on the back end -- leveraging the power of detailed project planning, implementation and systems. My clients regain their time, and the mental clarity they need to move the needle forward, scale and dominate.

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Juanita Taylor
Certified OBM®
Juanita helps visionary leaders who are feeling bogged down by the daily grind of running their operations. She will help you redeem your time by managing things on the backend so you can get out of the weeds and return to your zone of genius!

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Certified OBM®
Helping business coaches document processes, create automations and organize backend systems for their business is my passion. I strive for excellence in everything I do. As an OBM, I seek to maintain a positive mindset, create partnerships with a purpose, and always strive for significant outcomes. 

Angie Viehman
Certified OBM®
Angie Viehman helps female entrepreneurs go from hustle to flow by automating and streamlining their operations. Clients get back 30% of their time, increase revenue 4x and find greater passion. They spend more time spreading their special sauce and less time on the busy #werk.

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Jackie Wysbeek
Certified OBM®
Helping overwhelmed mompreneurs. You started your businesses because you had a passion for something. Now you're stuck on all the little things that have nothing to do with what made you an entrepreneur. My purpose is to get you focused on your passions again and avoid burnout. Think of me as the Mary Poppins for entrepreneurs!

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Krista Peltzel
Certified OBM®
Helping entrepreneurs create the foundation to take their business to the next level. Together we will clarify your goals and how to achieve them through assessment, planning, and implementation. Giving you more time to do what you love to do: create

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Sakina Hussain
Certified OBM®
I'm a Certified OBM®, a Certified Social Media Marketing Professional, a Certified HR manager, and a Protagonist who is passionately dedicated to assisting you in growing your business. I am committed to ensuring your systems and processes are clear and working to your advantage.

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Paul Botha
Certified OBM®
I’m Paul, here to partner with you to take your business places it’s never been before by reducing your workload and managing the day-to-day operations to move your business forward with purpose and clarity.

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Almira Capiral
Certified OBM®
As an OBM, I am dedicated to working with you and help reach your goals and grow your business.
In addition to being a Certified OBM®, my skills include lead generation, social media management, email and paid marketing, to creating graphics.

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Lindsey Dober
Certified OBM®
I’m a Growth Partner…who just happens to be a Certified Online Business Manager®. I am wildly passionate about serving mompreneurs and female business owners who are BURNT out from the hustle (because I was too!); who CAN (and HAVE BEEN) do(ing) it alone but are ready to make a change.

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Jacki Hayes
Certified OBM®
Jacki partners with business coaches to scale from 1:1 coaching to group coaching programs. With her support, Jacki’s clients embrace their role of CEO and grow their businesses into million-dollar revenue-generators. She is the host of a podcast about the behind-the-scenes of running a coaching business.

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Michele Bunke
Certified OBM®
I assist creatives who are ready to scale their businesses, free up their time and improve productivity so that they can focus on the passion of their business. I will be your right hand as we develop automated processes, ensuring you have a top notch client experience for your business.

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Hayley Atkins
Certified OBM®
From Sydney, Australia, I work with creative coaches to bring their business to the next level. I provide customized support and guidance in the strategy, recommendation and implementation of systems that will ensure productivity and growth remains at the forefront of your business.

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Aleksandra Badea
Certified OBM®
I help companies and business owners organize, streamline and automate the backend of their business so that they have more time to focus on growing & scaling. I will make your business run like a well-oiled machine, restore your sanity, regain your precious time, manage your projects & team, and ensure progress is happening as we lead the business to its vision.

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