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OBM Insiders Pro is open for OBMI graduates who have achieved the Certified OBM® designation and are looking to take their OBM business to the next level. OBM Insiders is a platform dedicated to empowering you as an online entrepreneur and driving business growth. We provide insights, and guidance along with a diverse selection of workshops, courses, and resources specifically tailored to meet your entrepreneurial needs. 
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Wade Langin
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Wade is a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor with a track record of effectively training, coaching, and guiding service providers and small business owners on their path to success.

With a deep understanding of the requirements for achieving mastery, Wade combines his extensive 33-year martial arts training with 25 years of entrepreneurial expertise to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to reach their goals. He places a strong emphasis on proven strategies, discipline, determination, and personal growth throughout this transformative journey.

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