The Marketing Mindset

OBM Institute

Having a “marketing mindset” is an essential skill for the Certified OBM®. This does not mean you need to be a “digital marketing expert”, as these are two very different skills.

In her book, 'Becoming an OBM', Tina Forsyth shares an example of the ‘marketing mindset’ in action…

“An OBM member recently shared a story with me that I think illustrates the marketing mindset beautifully. A couple of years ago, one of her clients moved out of the country. 
When they got to their new destination they were unable to get a reliable internet connection for almost 4 months, which meant that her client had no way to log in and manage their already successful online business.

So what did the OBM do? She did what any Certified OBM® is trained to do - she stepped in and took over the reins, making sure that her client’s business continued to run while they were unavailable.

When her client was able to finally get online, everything was still running smoothly, and their business continues to grow to this day.

In her own words she said “I treat my client’s business as my own - I care whether or not there is a sale that day, whether or not customers are happy. I don’t just ‘do the tasks’ assigned to me, I’m always considering the big picture of their business and how I can help in ways that are beyond what is asked of me.”

This is really the heart of what the marketing mindset is all about.