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At OBMI, we are dedicated to serving a diverse community of passionate professionals. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

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From startups to team leadership, our courses bring order to your operations. Streamline processes, boost productivity, and elevate your online presence for sustainable growth.

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Stay digitally relevant. Our courses help you cultivate skills and insights that differentiate you, advancing your corporate career or facilitating a seamless transition into entrepreneurship.

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An advanced training program for professionals who want to leverage their operations, management, and administrative experience into a lucrative work-from-home business.
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My experience with OBMI has been amazing. The coaching has honestly blown me away - it's been everything I could've hoped for and more.
It is never easy to make a career change, but OBMI made it possible. The OBMI team empowers you to be successful in the OBM program and in building a thriving business
I absolutely cannot say enough good things about OBMI! I will forever be grateful for their support, guidance, and friendship in making my entrepreneurial dreams come to life!

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The education and support from the OBM Institute is truly bar none. I often asked what the catch was - their support and guidance was endless. I believe I would have given up without their support. And I even got my first client half way through the program and I then signed Lyft corporate soon after.
I looked at several options for OBM certification/accreditation. I was torn between two programs initially, but I am very glad that I selected the OBM Institute. Wade and Shar are knowledgeable, thoughtful, patient, and encouraging. I always felt they were dedicated to my success. Great mentors. 
I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to refine their online business management skills. The OBM Institute team members are professional, thorough, and supportive. Definitely a life-changing experience and program.
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Your support was much needed during the course. Thank you for believing in me and giving me grace when I needed it. The thing that stood out to me most was their ability to make sure I took accountability to get through the program. The coaching calls, the emails really helped me to push through.
My experience with the OBM Institute has been amazing. Wade and Shar's coaching has honestly blown me away - it's been everything I could've hoped for and more. Feeling incredibly supported here, like I've got this amazing safety net that's really rooting for my success. 
Shar and Wade have been so valuable to my experience with OBM Institute! They are fantastic trainers and coaches. They take you through a process that is extremely thoughtful, and truly helps you retain the information shared, and feel ready to being an impactful OBM. Loved the process!
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The OBM Institute has really exceeded my expectations and I loved every aspect of the training. The practical projects are an exceptional way to apply what you learn during the program and the personalized feedback is so valuable and helpful for the learning process. The support from the team (Wade, Shar, Jerika & Hayley) has been incredible since day 1! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated - it's a real pleasure to be taught by them
The training provided by the OBM Institute was very logical and thorough. As I dove into the modules and participated in the live class interactive calls, I greatly appreciated having a clear roadmap with step-by-step instructions, so I wasn't having to build an entirely new business model - the foundation was set up for me! I also felt incredibly supported with the additional skills and business coaching calls. The OBM Institute has the training, experience & background to address all the common questions & concerns, which makes them an incredibly valuable resource as I launch my business 
From my first phone call with the OBM Institute to post-certification, I've been so impressed, educated, guided and mentored by the best-of-the-best. They've been responsive, helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process and I know I'm walking into my new venture as prepared as I could possibly be due to them. As someone who is typically a skeptic, I encourage you to place your trust in the hands of the OBMI team, be a sponge and absorb everything you possibly can. 
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The team at the OBM Institute was fantastic to work with. They truly cared about our success, offered helpful feedback, and were available to help us in our journey. If anyone is considering becoming an Online Business Manager, I would send them directly to OBMI.
The OBM Institute is seriously a game-changer. The trainings, exercises, and sessions all ensure that you have many different ways to learn the material and to put it into practice. I feel so prepared to take on clients because of the OBM Institute. Definitely worth the investment!
This training and team are exceptional. The trainers are incredible and having the added elements of the business as well as the mindset coaching made this training excellent. I felt very supported during this process in every way. This allowed me to feel ready for Certification week as well as embarking on this new career.
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The team at OBMI was fantastic to work with. The OBMI team were amazing in providing in-depth feedback and advice throughout the program and after. We were constantly kept informed of calls and encouraged to reach out with questions. There is an abundance of resources for anybody starting and needing some clarity and guidance along their OBM journey. I was able to complete this program feeling confident and better prepared to support my clients.
I have loved walking through my OBM journey with OBMI. The education I received through the training videos and support given through live calls, laser sessions, and email was unparalleled. The OBMI team always went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed to be successful during certification week and with my clients. I feel confident in my skills and it's because of the OBMI team.
I highly recommend the training program and coaches at OBMI. The individualized feedback and availability helped me through my stuck spots and gave me the confidence to press forward. The trainings and assignments provided direct preparation and learning around exactly what I needed to know for certification week. I have also greatly appreciated the back end coaching provided after certification week. The team at OBMI go above and beyond!
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The content is targeted, relevant and useful. I have loved going through this training with OBMI. Despite having worked in the industry already I found the projects and cert week challenging and rewarding. I have gained so much clarity from the combination of the learning resources and the direct 1:1 time. The support team are amazing. I felt I could reach out about anything- tech, curriculum, clients - and get thoughtful, helpful responses.
I considered this program for a very long time before signing up. I am so glad that I finally took the leap! This program exceeded my expectations; the coaches and support team were all incredible. The course load was rigorous is the best possible way; I felt challenged and fully supported. After becoming certified, I was guided step by step in transitioning my current VA clients into OBM clients. Thank you so much!!
Shar, Wade, and the entire OBMI team were AMAZING! The personalized feedback, regular coaching calls, and laser sessions support in whatever learning style I needed in the moment. The added focus on mindset made huge difference in not only confidently passing certification, but also launching my OBM business. Thank you Team OBMI!
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My experience with Shar, Wade and Hayley during my OBMI training was honestly a truly wonderful experience. They are very supportive, positive, patient and have TONS of valuable and applicable experience to share. After the cert week the additional training with Tina is also very thorough and thoughtful. The program really sets you up for success from beginning to end. Of course you have to be ready to do the work and able to put in the time, but if you are ready to start on a new path, they will prepare you for it!! I have LOVED my journey!!! Thanks OBMI!
OBMI is with you every step of the way in getting your OBM business up and running with clients! You will not go wrong in choosing to work with the OBM Institute team for becoming a Certified OBM as well as the creation, or growth, of your OBM business! I absolutely cannot say enough good things about OBMI! OBMI was instrumental in my ability to transition my clients. I will forever be grateful for their support, guidance, and friendship in making my entrepreneurial dreams come to life!
The OBMI was a great resource for providing training to shift from corporate management to supporting small and online businesses. As a retired manager, I had the leadership skills to thrive as an OBM, but I lacked the confidence. OBMI helped me to shift my mindset, sharpen my skills and build the confidence I needed to take the leap into freelancing. I signed my first retainer client the same month that my certification results came back. The coaches at OBMI helped me with talking points, preparation and role playing for meeting with the client. I’m grateful that I made the decision to take the training through OBMI to start my OBM experience!
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It is one of the best course experiences I have had for this price point. Given the quality of the material + support + follow up. I am very likely to refer this program to others.
I really loved the OBM training - I feel more prepared and confident to work with OBM clients and grow my business. I loved the resources, the laser sessions, and the mastery projects that helped to deepen the learning. 
Shar and Wade went above and beyond to provide high-level training. I was able to get my first retainer client during the program. OBMI offers unmatched support in the industry! Thank you OBMI! 
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From Day 1 , the entire team has been incredibly supportive and the content was presented in such a great way that it made learning new skills fun. I was excited about the lessons and even when it seemed like something I had never heard of, I didn’t feel stressed because the training covered it all! When I joined I was just a VA looking to up level to more. Throughout the process I was able to use the skills I learned in each module to support my current clients and let them see how much more I could provide. The experience has been worth every penny! 
I have been in business for more than a decade and I LOVE the work I do. Until recently, I referred to myself as a virtual assistant despite my natural inclination to function more as a partner with my clients. To say that enrolling in this program has been hands down, the best decision I have ever made for my business would be the understatement of the year. It has truly been transformational! In fact, one of my current VA clients hired me as his OBM before I even completed my certification. 
This program is one of the best programs I have ever taken. The support is so valuable, alongside the training materials and templates, which have helped me in my work with my clients from day one. You are not just trained on all the relevant skills that an OBM needs to be successful, but also on the mindset needed to be a leader in your work, and boost the confidence that you can deliver excellent results for your clients. There's no stone left unturned. I'm truly grateful that I made the decision to invest in myself and this program so that I can grow in my role as an OBM, and as a person. Thank you! 
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Shar and Wade are incredible coaches who go above and beyond to support their OBMs as they pursue certification. Their advice and encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to take the plunge into business ownership. While so many journeys in life must be taken alone, it was refreshing to know I had experienced and caring guides by my side on this one!  Choosing team OBMI was the best decision I could have made and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who wants to further develop their professional abilities.  
My experience with OBMI has been incredible. The skills I have learned have given my business the boost it needed. But it wasn't just the skills that made an impact, it was the community and the mindset shift that happened during all our calls and training throughout. I am forever grateful for Shar and Wade for opening up my eyes to the possibilities of this industry and for all their support and guidance along the way. My suggestion to anyone starting this journey or thinking of starting... JUMP ALL IN! I wish I had found this community earlier.  
After spending 3 years in all kinds of training programs and certifications trying to find my true zone of genius, I finally found it in the OBM world. As I started going through the certification program with OBMI I was very impressed with the amount of access I had to the instructors / coaches to get my questions answered with real world experience and examples. They provided great support to build out my business so that I was able to obtain my first part-time client while still working my full-time corporate job. The content is substantial with so many "extra's" that I have everything I need to go out and be successful in this space.
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It is never easy to make a career change, but OBMI made it possible. The OBMI team empowers you to be successful in the OBM program and in building a thriving business after certification by providing you with live group training and unlimited support. This is the dream team and I can't thank them enough for the thorough training and encouragement."
My learning experience with the support of the OBMI team has been incredible. Because of the OBMI team, I am confident that I can succeed. I even brought on my first full time client while in the program. Being a certified OBM brings with it too, the collaborative support of the certified OBM community and access to an enormous treasure trove of resources. Thank you OBMI.
Having 2 young kids, I knew I wouldn’t fit in a classical corporate role anymore. Coming from the corporate world as Project Manager, I have done couple of certifications already, but none of this can be compared with the OBM certification. The support and guidance during the program from the OBMI team is outstanding.
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